Unlike the Medicare advantage Plans A and B that lack comprehensiveness, the Medicare Part C is more comprehensive in its coverage. It is a plan that is also readily available in different states. This plan C should not be confused with the original Medicare Part C as they offer different packages. Out of the ten Medicare advantage plans, Medicare Part C stands out as the most preferable as it caters for most of the out of pocket expense that are approved by Medicare.

The coverage found in the Medicare Advantage plan C includes Medicare Part A Deductibles, Medicare Part B deductibles, the first three pints of blood received in the case of a medical procedure and coinsurance in skilled nursing facility health care. It also covers for Medicare part A hospital coinsurance and medical expenses for a period of an additional one year after you have depleted the benefits from your original Medicare. It caters for Medicare Part A and part B coinsurance and Medicare Part A hospice care copayments and coinsurance. Its major coverage is the foreign travel medical emergency costs. It caters for 80% of the approved foreign emergency costs within the plan limits.

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However, as comprehensive as it is, there are some out of pocket expenses that it does not cover. Plan C does not cater for Medicare part B excess charges. Excess charges are the charges you get from very expensive doctors that are more than the approved Medicare service amount. In such an instance, Plan C will only cater for the approved amount and you will pay for the remaining bill with your own money.

You can enroll to a Medicare advantage plan C by visiting any private insurance company. The prices charged may be different from one person to another. However, there are standardized benefits that are equal to everyone.

As seen from its comprehensive coverage, the Plan C is a very ideal Plan. You get to reduce the extra costs that you may pay for that are not catered by your original Medicare. It is a suitable plan for individuals with pre existing medical conditions that may require them to visit hospitals on a constant basis. The plan is however slightly expensive than the Plan A and B. If you do not want to pay for benefits that you will not use, then you should stick to the Plan A and B.