Different Medicare supplement plans will provide you different types of benefits. These plans are generally differentiated on the basis of the letter assigned to them. Few benefits are common among the different plans, few matches to a certain percentage and few benefits are unique to the plans. Your comparison of these plans should be on the basis of your requirements. What benefits you expect to achieve from such plans will guide your choice in the best possible way.

Here is the comprehensive list of different types of benefit which you can expect from different Medigap plans:-

  • Part, A coinsurance and hospital costs, are covered by all the Medigap policies namely Plan A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, N., In this case, no matter what your choices are you will receive a full benefit in all the cases.
  • Part B coinsurance is covered one hundred percent by a majority of Medigap policy except for Plan K, and Plan K covers only fifty percent of this benefit whereas Plan L covers seventy-five percent of it.
  • Blood cost up to three pints is covered completely by all the plans expect Plan K and L, in this case, also the coverage is fifty percent and seventy-five percent respectively.
  • Foreign travel exchange is covered only up to eighty percent by plan C, D, F, G, M, N and it is not covered at all by Plan A, B and K.

Such data may prove to be helpful for you in eliminating the plans which do not meet your needs at all and selecting the correct Medicare supplement plans for you.

Policy offering

Though the state laws present a different scenario, it is seen that it depends on the insurance companies which policy they will offer you. Here are few of the facts hidden behind the policy offering which the insurance companies make to you:-

    • The company is not at any level obliged to present all the policies in front of you. It depends on the choice of the company which policy they want to sell. However, you will definitely be provided with options.
    • It is a mandatory rule for any company selling Medicare supplement plans first to offer Plan A even if they want to sell any other policy.

Why standardisation?

The question arises that why the Medigap policies are standardised across the US? The simple answer to this question is that health benefit is the right of everyone and so there is no sense in discriminating among the benefits of Medicare supplement plans.

How To Compare Various Medicare Supplement Plans?